Killing of Badreddine spells trouble for Hezbollah

It is not even clear who killed Mustafa Amine Badred­dine because he had more enemies than he could count.

Fears for Egypt-France ties after airliner crash

Political analysts say crash of airliner en route to Cairo from Paris will take toll on Egyp­tian-French relations in short term.

EgyptAir crash is another blow to tourism sector

Crash comes less than two months after another EgyptAir plane was hijacked by man who claimed to be wearing explosive belt.
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Egypt’s anti-ISIS militias in Sinai spark scepticism

Plan to establish anti-ISIS mi­litias among Bedouin tribes in Sinai could put so­phisticated arms in hands of people who are potential enemies of Egypt.

More weapons loom large in Libya’s future

Some analysts worry weaponry could lead to more instability within North African nation.

Leading Algerian newspaper fighting for its life

El Khabar is fighting for survival as it seeks to roll back in court gov­ernment decision to block its sale to Algerian tycoon Issad Rebrab.

ISIS strikes in the heart of Baghdad

Islamic State is under growing pressure, un­able to reinforce its Iraq-based con­tingent from its forces in northern Syria because many routes have been cut off.

Water can be heard splashing from springs before it is actu­ally seen falling from atop one of mountains.